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Halliwick method as a tool to work with victims of sexual harrasment

NO means NO!!!

Halliwick method as a tool to work with victims of sexual assault.


Note: sometimes the female language in order to simplify the text but aimed at both genders.


Sexual harassment / assault

  • Sexual harassment / assault is by using physical or psychological force.

  • Touching that occurs against one's will, and the aim of the attack is to hit and humiliate the victim.

  • Assault and sexual harassment can occur when we meet a person face to face, but it can also be a telephone harassment, emails or Forums. It can be a touch, words, images and other means. Sexual assault is not a rape only.

  • Neither of us invite sexual assaults.

  • People don't choose to be victim.

  • The responsibility and the blame never on the victim. The attacker can never be Nothing excused, and we can should never blame the victim.

Mental effects

One that has been sexually harassed / assaulted can experience a wide range of emotions:

• Anger and frustration

• Depression, anxiety and a desire for seclusion and detachment from the  environment

• A loss of self-esteem

• Guilt, shame, confusion

• Sleep disturbances and nightmares

• Eating disorders

• Sexual difficulties

• Difficulties in creating and maintaining relationships.

Sexual assault can cause the victim loss of control of her body, in her own territory.

Those feelings that appear are normal, since mind and body react as one while coping with the trauma:

 Fight, Flee, Freeze

When we think about rape, we often are influenced by movies we've seen, where the victim screams and objected to. Therefore, sometimes questions after the attack: how didn't run?, why?, why I stayed didn't scream? And accompanies them guilty.


It is important to know

  • Sexual harassment / assault can happen to anybody, at any age, society, country or religion.

  • Sexual harassment / assault can be performed by a stranger, an acquaintance, a spouse or a family member.


The goals of working with victims of sexual harassment/ assault are: 

Faith in the body (you betrayed me?)

Strengthening the body image.

Support and strengthen self-Image

Make a new personal belief in the ability to control one’s own life.



By using the “Halliwick™ Ten Points Program”  we will lead one to renew intimacy with one’s body’s abilities until obtaining a complete control and trust with an emphasis on support for each individual’s needs.

Treatment plan

  • A preliminary interview (out of the water) for coordinating expectations.

  • Observing the initial movement of the swimmer in the water and the first adjustments (can be a professional swimmer who will only agree to dip her feet)

  • Adjusting the atmosphere of future meetings to the Swimmer needs (language, humor, age)

  • Progressing and moving from one step to next as necessary to achieve the goals.

  • If possible, to offer the swimmer who has reached an advanced stage, to be a volunteer in an Halliwick team.

  • A Requirement: to be in tach with the accompanying emotional therapist life. If there is none, you recommend the swimmer to find one.


Description of Case Studies: 

  • A girl who suffered a gang rape at age 15.

  • A woman who suffered from Sexual abuse by her father in her childhood.

  • A boy who suffered from sexual harassment from his friends in the kindergarten.


Even if you say it only once in a whisper, or doesn't say it at all, just not being cooperative -  NO means NO!!!

The subject was presented by Mrs. Ben Anat at the Halliwick™ International Conference held at the University Rehabilitation Hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia on September 2017

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