The Matzmid Club: Club for Special Needs Senior Citizens

The Matzmid Club has been in operation for several years now and is a collaboration between the Golan Regional Council's Welfare Department and Community Center and the Noga Center in Ma'ale Gamla. Most of the group's members are individuals who were injured in an accident or contracted some type of chronic disease "without warning". In most cases the injury significantly affects participants' daily functioning and prevents them from continuing to function in different aspects of life as before. Club Goals: 1. Adapting therapeutic activity for different group members in water and on land. 2. Exposing members to various rehabilitation methods by enriching and teaching them and serving as the group members' sounding board for ideas and impressions. 3. A support group for different people with a common interest, who spend quality time together and expend their social circle beyond club hours. The club meets at the Noga Center in Ma'ale Gamla once a week in the morning for a two hours session. The session includes a "dry" part which involves a lecture, talk, or workshop on relevant issues and is delivered by different professionals. The session subjects in most cases are known to, selected by, and even with the participation of the group's members. The "wet" part of the session is guided by Noga, senior hydro-therapist and manager of the Noga Center, and includes adapted physical activity inside the therapeutic pool which is designed to respond to the group members' individual needs. During these sessions, the group members learn about the principles and benefits of working in water, while getting to know water's unique qualities as a therapeutic instrument. Currently the club includes twelve members – both men and women – elderly, with special needs in the physical – motor field; men, women, secular, and religious.