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Nashimayim Project (Breathing / Women / Water)

The project connects sexual abuse survivors with water.

Water as a container – we use the power of water to contain the pain, the tears, the touch; the option of personal work without any touch, other than the touch of the encompassing water.

The activity is adapted to each girl / teenager / woman, to her emotional and physical place.

Active Activity – dancing, swimming, playing, exercising, Ai Chi (Tai Chi in water) which is designed to release emotional stress in order to gain a smile and a good feeling.

Passive Activity – Jahara method therapy – therapy with full support which builds trust and the expansion of both body and soul.

The session can be an active group session which includes learning the Jahara method basics and later on the exchange of therapy sessions between participants themselves.

In addition, the therapy sessions can be individual – active / passive

After a few individual sessions, one can join the support group.

The activity must be adapted for each participant and in coordination with the emotional therapy support team.

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