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Floating into Mitzvah's - Joint mother–daughter program for the Bat Mitzvah year

Framework: one session every two weeks for three hours

Program Rational:

The program is designed for girls on their Bat Mitzvah year and their mothers.

The program is to be conducted in a group of 10 pairs of mothers and daughters.

The program familiarizes daughters and mothers consciously with each other, using water as an instrument which enables dealing with touch, sensation, giving, receiving, and connection.

The program will combine water and land activity.

The program will use hydro-therapeutic and educational tools gathered from years of experience in delivering workshops which combine both hydrotherapy and education.

The program to be delivered by Noga Ben Anat and Danit Dreamer, veteran hydro-therapists, who have been dealing with therapy, teaching, and education for many years.

Session Plan:

  1. Introduction session

  2. Floating and relaxation

  3. Breath and soul

  4. Conscious movement

  5. Connection

  6. Touch

  7. Giving and receiving

  8. Me and the group

  9. "As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man" – summary session.

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