Halliwick™ Method

Halliwick Method was developed as a method of Swimming learning

for people with disabilities using the unique qualities of the water

with the central idea that swimming is fun!!

"The Halliwick Method is a form of adapted aquatics which can be modified into active aquatic therapy. Halliwick is almost always performed in a hands-on manner by the provider and is typically done through the use of games within groups of client-provider pairs. The client is usually held or cradled in the water while the provider systematically and progressively destabilizes him in order to teach balance and postural control. The provider progresses the client through a series of activities which require more sophisticated rotational control in an attempt to teach the client to swim (for adapted aquatics clients) or in an attempt to teach control over movement (for aquatic therapy clients). The client is continuously required to react to, and eventually to predict, the demands of an unstable environment. The Halliwick Method combines the unique qualities of the water with rotational control patterns." (Aquaticnet.com)

The certificate course for instructors of the Halliwick™ method:

Halliwick basic course includes 40 hours (in the water and on land) over 5 days.

Requires a swimming pool (with an area of shallow water- up to 1.5 Meters) & lecture room.


Target audiences for the lecture or the Halliwick course may be:

a. Pools staff (Aqua therapists, swimming teachers)

b. Parents

c. Members of the community

d. School's staff.

e. Social factors and guidance to at-risk youth (youth guides social workers)


There is no need for prior knowledge but ‘the love for water’.


I offer an introduction lecture about Halliwick method and the variety of usages in aquatic therapy.

​Now also in Long Island! 

July 10th-15th of 2017

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