Mrs. Noga Ben Anat – Israel

Noga Ben Anat lives in moshav Ma'ale Gamla in the Golan Heights, Israel

A mother to five sons and grandmother to six grandchildren.

Swimming coach since 1977 (Wingate Institute).

Hydro therapist since 1997 (Beit Issie Shapiro).

Senior therapist and trainer using the Jahara ® technique since 2005.

A Halliwick™ method teacher since 2011 (IHA).

Coordinator of the hydrotherapy course of the Ohalo College 2006-2012.

In 1998 built an accommodation center adapted for the handicapped with a therapeutic swimming pool on site.

Noga and her team treat the residents in the area and provide a variety of projects adapted to the patient population's needs.

דוא"ל: Email:

טלפון: Tel: +972 54 2474124

Tel U.S.A (Long Island): 1 - (646) 552 5522

פקס: Fax. +972 153 46732430

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